Blinds n' Blessings Panel Blinds

Made to Measure Panel Blinds in North London

Features & Specifications

Panel Blinds are a great alternative to Vertical Blinds and ideal for adding solar shade and privacy to patio doors and extra large windows.

The Blinds n’ Blessings Panel Blinds selection look fabulous in any interior design scheme, from the classic to the ultramodern.

Panel Blinds are made up of large fabric or woven wood panels that hang from and slide along a discreet head rail, stacking neatly to the left, right or both when open.

The blinds are easily operated by hand with a wand or by using a pull cord operation.

When closed, the panel blinds stand side by side with a slight overlap between the rows to create a full fabric or wood weave screen across your window or patio doors.

Additional Features

  • Panel Blinds can also be installed as room dividers.

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