Blinds n' Blessings Plantation Shutters

Made to measure plantation shutters in North London

Features & Specifications

Bring simple elegance and add value to almost any type of home or boutique environment with the universally appealing Plantation Shutters. These interior shutters are a premier investment and are equally suited to contemporary designs as they are to more traditional properties.

The Blinds n’ Blessings Plantation Shutters are available in a variety of shapes, stains and colours and are mounted onto solid wooden frames and made individually to fit your windows.

We supply our Shutters in a wide range of wood options from the affordable compressed light density wood to premium Bass and Cedar woods. We only use the very best quality engineered wood that allows the Shutters to be crafted into an array of shapes to suit all unconventional window configurations.

The design of Plantation Shutters promotes the free flow of air through the louvres during the warmer summer months creating shade and a cooler interior. The Shutters allow the user to regulate the desired level of privacy and to adjust the ambience of the room by giving almost infinite control of the natural light streaming in.

Plantation Shutters can fill an entire window or be supplied in hinged panels that can be folded back permitting maximum ventilation.

The Shutters can be opened and closed with a Visible or Hidden Tilt Rod or by Remote Control to allow easy operation.

Additional Features

  • Plantation Shutters are easy to clean, simple to maintain and make great room dividers.
  • Various louvre sizes and hardware choices are available along with the finishing style options of Café, Tier on Tier and Full Height.

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