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Smart Home Products

Enjoy complete control over your lights with our range of automated lighting solutions. Choose from wireless switches or the TaHoma® system to effortlessly set the ideal ambiance with just the touch of a button.

Our home sensors and surveillance solutions give you complete peace of mind. From smoke detectors to cameras and motion sensors, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe wherever you are.

Never waste energy again with our home automation climate control solutions. Our timers can automatically turn off your radiators when you leave for work, or you can turn up the heat via your smartphone for a warm welcome home.

Make returning home even easier with our range of automated garage door solutions. Stay warm and dry in the comfort of your car while you let our motors, controls and sensors do all the work.

Create your perfect configuration with our choice of controls. From single to multi-channel handsets, wall switches to timers and sensors, you can operate your Somfy home automation products from the comfort of your chair.

Our innovative TaHoma® system makes controlling your home even simpler. Use the Somfy Smart Home app on your smartphone or tablet device to adjust any paired product and achieve your ideal home environment.

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